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A Long Walk to Climate Justice in Lima.

Kampala, Jan 5, 2014- More than 12,531 individuals participated at the recently concluded Climate talks in Lima, Peru that delivered the "Lima Call for Climate Action". This call builds the momentum to the ultimate 2015 Paris Agreement. One of EMLI delegates, Mr. Robert Bakiika, the Conventions Contact Point had this to say, "Lima has advanced a step forward to reaching an ambitious outcome in Paris but has regressed more steps to achieving the objective of the convention amidst clear IPCC findings".

COP20 has set a landmark in the history of pledges at multilateral engagements. The recently established Green Climate Fund (GCF), one of the operating entities of the financial mechanism of the convention mobilized USD 10.2 billion. On a joyful note, Government of Uganda, ActionAid Uganda and EMLI, Briefing Paper to COP20 recommendation of developing a work programme to further facilitate the on-going implementaion of decision 23/CP.18 was made a decision, known as the Lima Work Programme on Gender.   The decision establised 2 year work programme for promoting gender balance and achieving gender-responsive climate policy. Among the key outcomes reached on at COP20 were:

  1. Parties agreed to complete work as early as possible in order for COP21to adopt a protocol, another legal instrument, agreed outcome applicable to all;
  2. Parties decided that any outcome will address in a balanced manner, inter alia, mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology development and transfer, capacity building and transparency of action and support;
  3. Parties decided to make available a negotiating text for the 2015 ambitious agreement before May 2015;
  4. NEMA  to Prescribe & Implement strategies, measures and standards related to environment health and proctection; 
  5. Parties confirmed a balanced 20 member (Developed and Developing countries) executive committee of the Warsaw International Mechansim on Loss and Damage and approved the commitee's intial 2 year work plan.

A comprehensive report detailing the outcome of COP20/CMP10 is available on request.

The year 2012 has been a year of re-focusing and engaging at the local, regional and international levels in as far as improving livelihoods through empowerment is concerned. EMLI has continued to widen her scope and areas of operation by implementing activities in the Central, Eastern, South-western and the Western regions of Uganda. This year we have observed a high budget support. The 2012 Annual report titled "Re-tooling the environment" gives an overview of projects that have been accomplished i.e. Promoting Public awareness on Wetlands supported by Global Green Grants Fund; Communicating CAN-U climate change activities supported by DFID and Oxfam GB, Forest Lecture Series supported by FAO and Environmental Alert, CSO engagement in National RIO+20 Process supported by UNDP Uganda and Strengthening Environmental Governance in Kampala City supported by French Embassy in Kampala.

Furthermore, this year’s report reflects on the impact of EMLI on the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized in Uganda and how we have capacitated them to inform policy through advocacy engagements and deepen approaches to development. Finally, we are so grateful for both the financial and technical support by our development partners, Ministries, Agencies, Departments and Partner Civil Society Organizations.  Without you, this might not have been realized.


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