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ENR CSOs call for a Prescriptive & Strategic "NEMA"under MWE.

Kampala, July 25, 2014- More than 50 members of the Environment and Natural Resources Civil society Network (ENR CSO Network) gathered at Hotel International 2000, Muyenga to provide substantive input in the on going review of the National Environment Management Policy (NEMP) and National Environment Act (NEA). The gathering was convened with support of WWF Uganda and Environmental Managment for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility (EMLI).  The ENR CSO Network sounded a clear message about the present and future governance framework for environment management. Among the key recommendations reached were:

  1. Rio Principles such as Principle 10 (Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice) be core indicators in process based intiatives regarding environmental health and protection;
  2. Every person MUST exercise the Right to sue;
  3. Establish an Environment Division under High Court or Environment Tribunal whereas taking note of the enabling conditions to realize so;
  4. NEMA  to Prescribe & Implement strategies, measures and standards related to environment health and proctection; 
  5. Enforce compliance with provisions of international agreements;
  6. Broaden the scope, form and function of the National Environment Fund or establish a National Environment Trust Fund;
  7. Nature based solutions be emphasized as ideal strategy for environment policy implementation; 


The year 2012 has been a year of re-focusing and engaging at the local, regional and international levels in as far as improving livelihoods through empowerment is concerned. EMLI has continued to widen her scope and areas of operation by implementing activities in the Central, Eastern, South-western and the Western regions of Uganda. This year we have observed a high budget support. The 2012 Annual report titled "Re-tooling the environment" gives an overview of projects that have been accomplished i.e. Promoting Public awareness on Wetlands supported by Global Green Grants Fund; Communicating CAN-U climate change activities supported by DFID and Oxfam GB, Forest Lecture Series supported by FAO and Environmental Alert, CSO engagement in National RIO+20 Process supported by UNDP Uganda and Strengthening Environmental Governance in Kampala City supported by French Embassy in Kampala.

Furthermore, this year’s report reflects on the impact of EMLI on the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized in Uganda and how we have capacitated them to inform policy through advocacy engagements and deepen approaches to development. Finally, we are so grateful for both the financial and technical support by our development partners, Ministries, Agencies, Departments and Partner Civil Society Organizations.  Without you, this might not have been realized.


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